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Updated: Jan 17, 2023

We started Agile4Vegas with the goal of offering the entrepreneurial and small business owner insight to how agile methods can be incorporated into successful business models. Especially during these turbulent times.

This idea launched as a Tech Alley meetup, and has also been evolving into a dynamic site which will be packed with information about various topics that are agile business related.

Take some time to explore the materials and see for yourself what makes sense to you and your business situation and needs. Read on and enjoy!

Tech Alley

The purpose of Tech Alley is to coordinate local technology, startup, and design meetups into a once-a-month full day event for people interested in learning and engaging friends and peers in the tech and startup scene. The Event will include organized meetup tracks for continuity, keynote speakers, and networking opportunities!

Join us every 3rd Saturday- rain or shine- at the

downtown Arts District.

10:00 Networking [free coffee]

10:30 General session and welcome

11:00 - 12:15 First sessions

Light refreshments [free]

1:15 afternoon sessions begin [see schedule at Tech Alley meetup]

This event and all sessions are FREE to the attendees.

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