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Tech Alley inaugural session was AWESOME!!!

Saturday's February 18th first session of Agile4Vegas ended up "standing room only" as far as attendance.

We covered a very "high overview" of the issues that can adversely effect the business environment ["VUCA" world] and how Business Agility came into being through Lean Product and Agile Development principles, methods and techniques.

Quite a lot to introduce for a slightly over an hour session... in the late afternoon... on a Saturday.

If you were unable to attend- no worries. It was a high overview, and we will be spending approximately half of our time in upcoming session diving deeper into the various topic areas. We- very tongue in cheek- call this part the "1/2 Hour AGILE MBA".

Then second part of each session will be addressing one or two specific problems that group members have identified as issues.

We will periodically [usually] select these issues as a group process of structure brainstorming that agilists call "Lean Coffee". This will allow us to timely refresh the list of presenting issues our community is facing.

Next session at will be at Tech Alley Las Vegas Saturday MARCH 18th @ 2:45 [try to be there early as we really did have standing room only]. Room TBA

If you haven't already, please join our meetup group at: Agile4Vegas meetup

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