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"Business success through Agile methodology."

Serving up Business Agility, Agile Development, and LEAN Manufacturing.


And a support site for the Agile4Vegas meetup @ Tech Alley Las Vegas
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to Business Agility

Who we are and what we do...

Agile4Vegas will present discuss and explore agile methods which can be used in smaller business and entrepreneurial endeavors, without resorting to expensive turn-key systems. These methods can help enable all forms of business to succeed in VUCA [Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous] times.

Anyone who would like to [or already has] started a small business or entrepreneurship and has found a need for better ways to deal with a ever changing marketplace.
We will be physically meeting every 3rd Saturday downtown Las Vegas at TECH ALLEY. Session time TBA.


Sponsored in part by...

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